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Quest is a video game creator that allows us to make our own text-based adventure games, a genre that includes titles like the Zork saga and Phoenix Wright, with tons of details and possibilities.

The application has an intuitive interface that makes creating any game very simple. We start by entering the name of the game, then move to filling in text boxes to build the various rooms, characters, variables, events, etc. At the beginning it may seem a little overwhelming, but once we get into the rhythm of the program, everything starts to flow.

In addition to creating games, the application lets us play with our work and download projects created by other users. We can use these features to test the limits of the program, making note of what we like about other projects as well as what we think we could do better with our own.

Quest is one of the simplest platforms around to create our own video games. The possibilities are endless, and if you are a fan of text-based aventure games, you will be able to enjoy many good-quality games created by other users.